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College English Teacher, Musician, Audio / Video Producer & General Technophile

After working jobs in industries ranging from real estate to retail, I joined California State University, Fresno's Department of English as a lecturer in 2015 where I continue to teach a variety of courses in composition and rhetoric. In 2017 I also began teaching composition, rhetoric, and logic courses at College of the Sequoias in Visalia, CA. My teaching and research interests include peaceful language practices, mindfulness, compassionate pedagogy, ed-tech, and curriculum design for inclusion and resiliency. Yet my passions don’t end with teaching and language.

In addition to helping my students find powerful and peaceful language practices, in 2019 I started Firewell Technology Solutions, a bespoke IT service company serving small businesses.

When my students find out that I also own an IT service company, they’re often as surprised as my clients are when they find out that I’m also college English teacher. And I get it. Scholarship in education and English seems a world apart from a profession in IT. But my view is that there is a synergy between education and technology.

My students often benefit from my technical expertise (particularly during the times of emergency distance learning protocols). My clients often benefit from the skills that come with advanced degrees in English, namely, accurate, compassionate, and collaborative language practices that enable us to work together joyfully and efficiently. So I purposefully cultivate ongoing expertise in both of these fields in order to provide a unique and useful experience for my students and my clients.

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  • Name Jeremiah Henry
  • Generation Xennial
  • Residence Visalia, CA
  • Email [email protected]
  • Phone (+1) 559-213-0138
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I teach English courses at California State University, Fresno and at College of the Sequoias in Visalia, CA.


I am a percussionist and orchestrator specializing in progressive rock genres.


Serving small businesses and private parties, my company is Firewell Technology Solutions.


Primarily documentary in style, I use my camera to capture moments in both human and wildlife.


My Curriculum Vitae (Resume).


  • 2021 2015


    California State University, Fresno

    I teach courses in composition and rhetoric that are focused on empowering new university students with language skills primarily through reading and writing.

  • 2021 2017


    College of the Sequoias

    Likewise, here I teach courses in composition and rhetoric with the addition of logic and critical thinking, working to empower community college students with skillful language practices.

  • 2019 2012

    IT Manager

    Horn Photo

    In a department of one (me) I managed a mix of 15-20 Windows and Mac workstations, customer endpoints, point of sale terminals, WAN/LAN/WiFi networks, and systems integration on both front and back ends of the company.

  • 2007 2003

    IT Specialist

    North American Title Company

    Operating as a single support agent for the region, my responsibilities were two-fold: I managed and supported employees' computer systems, and I provided technology training and resources for clients of the company.


  • 2015 2012

    MA English Literature, Summa Cum Laude

    California State University, Fresno

    My thesis explores what I have named “friction zones,” points of interpretive anomaly and contention between the Judeo-Christian narrative and other, antecedent mytho-pagan narratives; moreover, this work focuses on these friction zones as they appear in selections from Victorian prose and poetry, revealing tensions between hegemonic and subversive narratives. While this research builds on feminist and deconstructionist literary theory, it also informs my core pedagogy which is to help students see places in their own lives where they have been marginalized and to nurture their own power in their present and future narratives.

  • 2012 2010

    BA English Literature, Summa Cum Laude

    California State University, Fresno

    With a chosen emphasis in British literature, my undergraduate studies range in surveys of British literature from the Medieval period through the Victorian period (1200-1900 CE) and various theoretical frameworks including structuralist, post-structuralist, deconstructionist, feminist, Marxist, psychoanalytic, post-colonial, and new historical criticism. 

  • 2010 2008

    AA English

    Fresno City College

    Foundational work in composition, surveys in American literature, and creative writing in poetry and fiction.

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